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What Makes Fiberglass Windows Unique?

Here are 5 characteristics to consider with fiberglass windows.

Impervia fixed living room

Fiberglass windows have been on the market for nearly 20 years, offering a range of unique benefits that make them a go-to option for both new construction and remodeling projects. Dreamstyle Remodeling selected fiberglass windows—specifically, Impervia from Pella—for the 2020 Model Remodel after having installed the product in its projects for more than two years. “We chose Impervia because they’re fiberglass, and these will be the last windows the house will ever need,” says Joyce Hitchner, co-founder and secretary-treasurer for Dreamstyle.

Fiberglass windows offer an ideal bridge between wood windows and vinyl, combining optimal durability with an attractive, upscale look homeowners crave but at a lower price point than wood. 

Here are a few characteristics to consider: 

1. Naturally strong and durable

The same properties that make fiberglass a strong, durable material for everything from ladders to bridges also makes it an ideal option for windows. The material is long-lasting and impact resistant. Its strength also allows for large windows without having to build more robust frames. These thinner profiles permit improve sightlines while meeting contemporary style choices. 

In addition to fiberglass’s natural properties, Pella’s Impervia windows have a robust corner assembly featuring three unique elements—a corner lock; a strong, durable thermoset polyurethane sealant; and a mechanical fastener—that further ensure structural integrity.  

2. Thermally stable

Because fiberglass is thermally stable, it experiences minimal expansion and contraction. This makes it ideal for extreme hot or cold climates or those regions that experience large temperature swings throughout the course of the day. What’s more, because the raw materials in the window frame and the glass itself are similar, they’ll expand and contract at similar rates, if at all.

3. Naturally energy efficient

While some materials rely on a chambered frame to gain efficiencies, fiberglass as a material is naturally insulative, combining with resin and a factory-applied coating to boost energy savings. Pella’s Impervia can be specified to meet or exceed Energy Star guidelines in all 50 states. 

4. Clean, sleek look

Modern, contemporary styling is in demand with homeowners and homebuyers, who are less inclined toward wood-grain looks versus solid colors. Pella’s Impervia line comes in solid colors as well as dual-color frame with a white interior.

5. Low maintenance

Fiberglass windows do not regular require painting or staining, and with a long-lasting powder-coat finish are designed to withstand harsh conditions including UV rays and coastal environments. 

Ready to learn more? Click here for more details on Pella’s Impervia fiberglass windows



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